Nose Job: Nose

Nose Job is a procedure that helps people achieve a better looking nose that is in harmony with their face.

Each and every individual is different including their nose. Doctors cannot perform the exact same nose job procedure to every person. People are unique and that is why there are different noses and different types of nose job surgeries that doctors can perform.

Nose Job: Deciding What Unique Nose You Have

Everyone has different noses and therefore different types of nose job correct the problems with each type of nose. Below are a few different categories of noses. When you find which nose is similar to yours, you can get the best idea of what you want fixed on your nose and how nose job can help you.

Low, Wide Bridge:  A low wide bridge nose sits to close to the face, when looking at the profile of the nose you can see that the wide bridge nose looks out of proportion with the rest of the face. Also, the nose looks too short or very bottom heavy, which then makes the eyes look to far apart. With this certain nose all attention gets taken away from the eyes and only on to the bottom of the nose.

An over prominent tip: This nose sits too high up or sticks out too much from the side profile view, and has too much projection. These issues can draw attention away from the eyes and any other facial features, which then makes the center of attention the nose.

A ski-slope nose: This is when a low bridge nose is combined with a projecting upturned tip; the result is a profile that looks scooped out, or a ski-slope. This nose lacks definition making the eyes look washed out and causes shadows in photographs. A ski-slope nose has no internal support, which makes it hard to breath out of the nose, and can turn into a serious medical condition.

A bumpy nose: A bumpy nose prevents a smooth look on one part of the nose. The nose looks like it starts wherever the bump starts, which is usually half way down on the nose. Nasal bumps occur when there is an uneven amount of the cartilage; this then pushes the bridge to be higher looking then the rest of the nose.

A crooked nose: A crooked nose does not have a straight bridge which runs down the center of the nose. These noses can have either have a curve or bumpy appearance. The reason the nose is crooked is because the septum is deviated, this happens when the walls of the inside your nose is not centered equally, or an injury that has broken the bones. The nose can look very big or very small. Crooked noses are accompanied by breathing problems because of the structural damage.

A droop tip: The ageing process can have an effect on the nose and the ligaments can loosen. The nose looks like it drooped. The tip drooping can make the bottom of the nose seem heavy.

A full tip: A full tip is when the tip of the nose is larger and has less definition similar to a rounded appearance and can look bulbous. This is because the shape of the underlying structure has thick skin. A full tip looks bottom heavy and draws attention away from the eyes.

An Example Of A Unique Nose That Can Be Corrected With Nose Job

The image below represents a patient with a ski-slope nose.

Nose Job Nose

Nose Job: Things To Remember About Different Noses

No two people have the exact same noses. They can look very similar and may be classified under the same category of noses but they are not the same, and you may want to have more than one change to your nose. Nose Job offers patients the possibility to correct the appearance and shape of their nose. It does not mean that you will be able to copy or replicate completely someone else's nose.

How To Correct The Flaws On Our Nose Thru Nose Job

These are the ways that many surgeons correct the certain categories of noses thru the nose job surgery.

Low, wide bridge: During nose job surgery for this type of nose the surgeon will raise the bridge of the nose and add volume to the cartilage. If there is no cartilage available on the nose, it can be taken from the ear or the rib. If the bridge is too wide the bones may need to be broken to make the bridge look narrower.

An Overprominent Tip: The way to correct the tip requires that during the nose job surgery, the overall volume of the cartilage has to be reduced and the position of the tip will be adjusted. Nose Job surgeons will often alter the bridge of the nose to make a more smooth profile.

Ski-Slope Nose: The bridge of the nose will need to be built up, and the on the tip the nose job surgeon will remove more cartilage so the tip looks less upturned.

Bumpy Nose: With this certain nose patients may not need the full nose job procedure. The cartilage or bone that is already there causing the bump will be removed or in some cases the doctors will add more cartilage to flatten out the bump. The nasal bones will need to be broken so they can get eliminated.

A crooked nose: To straighten the nose the bones will need to be moved into a better position and will be reduced. Then the nose job surgeon can straighten the nose when there is less cartilage and bones.

Droopy Tip: By rearranging or adding cartilage will help rotate the droopy tip. It’s usually necessary to shape the tip of the nose by adding, removing, or reconfiguring the cartilage. The goal is to raise the droopy tip just right so that the nostrils don’t show too much.

Full Tip: To refine the tip of the nose the cartilage will get narrowed. The nose job surgeon will strengthen the existing cartilage or add more cartilage to support in order to improve definition.

A Corrected Nose Thru Nose Job

Here you can see how a nose job has corrected a ski-sloped nose.

Nose Job Nose

Important To Know About Certain Noses

Depending on the type of nose you have, will determine what kind of nose job procedure you will need. It is also important to know that not all types of noses can receive the non-surgical injections, those nose categories are: full tip, crooked nose and droopy tip.

Nose Job: Find The Key To Fix Your Unique Flaws

Many people have different issues with their noses. If you are ready to have the nose job procedures please use our locater to find the nearest nose job surgeon near you!