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Non-Surgical Nose Job

The terms non-surgical nose job and non-surgical rhinoplasty refer to procedures which shape the nose without the use of surgery.

These non-surgical nose job methods can be performed on an outpatient basis, and they typically do not require anesthesia.

One of the most common types of non-surgical nose job involves the injection of filler substances such as Artefill, Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse into the nose. These fillers help to alter the appearance of the nose. Obviously, this procedure is not as flexible as a surgical nose job. It cannot reduce the size of an overly large nose or narrow overly wide nostrils. However, sometimes adding fillers can help to camouflage bumps, raise droopy nasal tips and even help to make a crooked nose appear straighter.

Unlike the results of surgical nose job, the results from this sort of procedure are not permanent. The longest they can be expected to last is several months. Some patients find that their results disappear more quickly. However, this surgery is much less expensive than traditional nose job, sometimes costing as little as $500.

Even if you get a non-surgical injection nose job, you should make sure that you find someone who is skilled and properly qualified to administer the injections. There can still be a number of risks to your health and appearance if the injections are not properly administered, even if no one is actually taking a scalpel to you.

Another non-surgical option is the use of flexible nose inserts or splints. These splints are inserted into the nose, and they help to alter the shape of the nose while they are worn. Some people compare their use to contacts-they help you when you're wearing them, and you can wear them whenever you'd like. Nose inserts are much cheaper than either traditional nose job or injections. Of course, they also have some drawbacks. They only help as long as you're wearing them, and they cannot be worn while sleeping, swimming or exercising. Also, some people find them uncomfortable.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Overview

Non-surgical nose job is ideal for those who are concerned about the repercussions of nose job surgery or are squeamish about the process, or who only want very minor changes with no downtime.

The effects of nose job can also be achieved through non-surgical means. A series of Botox-like injections can help with problems such as nasolabial folds, wrinkles, crookedness, scars, or a bony crest. Non-surgical nose job can also be done on certain people who are not good candidates for surgical nose job due to pre-existing health conditions or concerns.

After straightening out the nose many doctors may want to inject in the other areas to help give the face more of a symmetrical look.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure

Since non-surgical nose job procedures are simpler than the surgical ones, they can be performed by either plastic surgeons or dermatologists. Which type of doctor you go with is less important than their level of experience in performing these procedures. If you are unsure whether or not someone has enough experience, ask to see some before and after photos of some of their patients. This will help you understand their skill level.

The first step for non-surgical nose job is to set up an initial consultation with your doctor. This provides a forum for you to ask any questions you might have and to explain the kind of changes you want to see, and for the doctor to examine you and help you find the best option for meeting your goals. If you need a little time to think and decide whether or not you really want the injections, you can set up another appointment and come back later. If, however, both you and your doctor agree on a non-surgical nose job method and if you are ready, he can perform the procedure that very same visit.

The first thing the doctor will do is rub the nose and surrounding area with a numbing cream to minimize the pain. The cream will then need to soak in for about 30 minutes. Once the surface is completely numb the doctor will start the injections.

All non-surgical nose job procedures are performed by injecting certain compounds called hyaluronic acid fillers, but there are several different brands of these available in the U.S. At this time. Most common are Perlane, Restylane, and Juvederm (Ultra and Plus). Belotero and Hydrelle have also recently become available. Belotero's main advantage is its longevity: results last up to 12 months. Hydrelle is also becoming popular among some non-surgical nose job doctors and patients because it contains an anesthetic in the formula, which helps relieve the discomfort of the actual injection.

By the judicious use of one of these fillers, the doctor can achieve many different affects. He or she can add volume to a thin or droopy nose or conceal irregularities, scars, ridges, or bumps.

Because non-surgical nose job is less invasive surgical nose job and fewer drugs are needed, you will not be required to wait at the office after the injections are finished.

In fact, there is virtually no downtime of any kind associated with non-surgical nose job.

You should be able to drive yourself home after your non-surgical nose job procedure and go to work the next day.

Pros And Cons Of Non-Surgical Nose Job

Many of the advantages of non-surgical nose job have already been mentioned: it is faster and more painless, and requires no recovery period. Since there are no incisions and scars to heal and no significant swelling, non-surgical nose job is also the technique of choice for those who want nose job in order to look good for a special occasion, such as a wedding or reunion, and don't have much time to prepare.

Non-surgical nose job is also safer than surgical nose job, because no anesthesia is required and there is much less risk of infection. Because of the relative ease of the procedure, it is also less expensive. Finally, it can help you "test-run" the idea of nose job, and see whether or not you like the results you might get from a permanent surgical nose job.

However, there are a few disadvantages to non-surgical nose job as well. The most notable of these is that it isn't permanent: like Botox, the effects gradually wear away, and recurring injections will be needed if you want to maintain your new look. Non-surgical nose job is also not as effective as the surgical kind. It can't make the drastic alterations to your appearance that cosmetic surgery can, and some problems it may not be able to fix at all. It isn't much use for reductions, for example.

Overall, the question of whether or not non-surgical nose job is the best option for you will depend on what you're trying to achieve.

Nose Job Non-Surgical Procedure

Nose Job effects can be also achieved in alternative ways. Many patients feel as if they are not ready to get an actual surgical procedure done. That is why there are now non-surgical procedures for those who would like to achieve similar results to surgical nose job without surgery.

For those patients who choose these alternative nose job methods there can be many different reasons that propel them to do so; these reasons can include: they feel that they are not ready for surgery, the change that they want is minor and can be easily achieved with an alternative nose job method, they are not good candidates for nose job surgery due to specific medical conditions; or they are ready to fix the flaws on their nose without surgery.

Alternative Methods To Nose Job Surgery

Non-Surgical Nose Job: What are they injecting?

The only non-surgical nose job procedure is hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are an injectable treatment for the nose. They are non-surgical and can be done in the doctor's office. This procedure usually takes very little time and requires no downtime. This a very easy way to achieve nose job results without surgery.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: What can be fix?

The nose job non-surgical injects help nasolabial folds, wrinkles, volume loss in cheeks, chin and jawline, straightening out the nose, thin lips, droopy brows, under-eye hollows, tear troughs, scars, bony chest and sunken temples.

After straightening out the nose many doctors may want to inject in the other areas to help give the face more of a symmetrical look.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: Brands

There are many different brands that manufacture products to help reshape the nose without surgical nose job. The brands are Perlane, Restylane, Juvederm (Ultra and Plus), Belotero, and Hydrelle.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: Belotero The New Form

Belotero is a new product that many doctors are using for non-surgical nose job. The reason for this is that this non-surgical injection has different branches that can help specific locations on the nose. Depending upon which category your nose falls under will help determine which Belotero injection you will use. The different injections are,

Define: Which helps decrease deep folds and wrinkles

Balance: This helps correcting moderate lines and folds

Soft: For the superficial lines.

Belotero is the longest lasting injections on the market for non-surgical nose job, it is to last up to 12 months.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: The first of its kinds

Many non-surgical nose job injections in Europe have anesthetics within the actual injections. The United States hasn't reached to that technology yet. However, we do have Hydrelle. Hydrelle is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler that contains anesthetic, which will help with the discomfort of the actual injection.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: Procedure

If you are sure that having a nose job procedure is right for you, but you are unable to have the actual surgery the non-surgical nose job injections are the next best thing.

After deciding that you for sure want to go through with the injections you must find a doctor. You can find either a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist; both doctors are able to give the non-surgical nose job injections.

After finding the perfect doctor, you will go in for a consultation and discuss what brand and location is best for your nose.

Once the patient and doctor discussed the different non-surgical nose job injection options the next appointment that is made is the non-surgical nose job procedure.In some cases the doctor may perform the non-surgical nose job in the same visits.

When you come back for the procedure the doctor will minimize the pain by rubbing the area with numbing cream and then let the cream soak in skin for 20 to 30 minutes.

When the area on the surface is numb the doctor will then inject the acid which will help the area of the nose you and your doctor previously discussed.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: To Remember

Patients are encouraged to remember that the resutls from non-surgical nose job injections are not forever lasting and will need to be injected again.

Non-Surgical Nose Job: Pros And Cons

Non-surgical nose job injections are a great solution for a quick fix, and even may help you determine if you're ready for the surgical nose job.

Non-surgical nose job offers a procedure that is less painfull, faster, safer and less expensive than surgical nose job. However, the achieved results with non-surgical nose job are not as dramatic as surgical nose job and these techniques may not work for every case. Additionally, the results from non-surgical nose job may only last from 6 to 12 months. Several doctor visits are needed if the patient wants to keep the results from these alternative methods to surgical nose job.

Use our nose job surgeon locator to find a nose job surgeon near you. During consultation you will know if you are a good candidate for non-surgical nose job or if surgical nose job is right for you!

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